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Spirulina aims to become a key product to tackle the disease.

Spirulina, a freshwater algae, aims to become a key product to tackle Parkinson’s disease.

The research led by Daniel Limón Pérez de León and a team of students at the Laboratory of Neuropharmacology of the Autonomous University of Puebla (BUAP), sees progress in the fight against this degenerative-progressive disease.

Scientists supplied plant extract to a group of rats that then intoxicated to simulate the same motor damage that the evil produces.


The results were encouraging.

“We have seen that rats with motor asymmetry receiving spirulina extract improve their movements. They manage to control their legs to take food in a model that we call the ladder.

“The extract has shown antioxidant effects (in animals) and with decreased results in motor damage,” explained Limón.

Limón Pérez de León explains that they use rats as experimental models because of their genetic similarity with humans, because, he says, “we are a 95 percent rat.”

“There are countless similarities. The development of the rat is late, postnatal, as they end up developing their neuronal functioning after birth, just like people.

“People learn to walk, to perform fine motor movements at the year of birth; At six months they can hold bodies, objects, that is a late process, “says the researcher, who seeks along with his team to advance in this field.

In addition, he emphasizes, the use of a model with characteristics similar to the humans grants validity to the scientific advances.

Although he warns that when dealing with experiments, in this case of the study to mitigate the effects of Parkinson’s disease, there are still missing points to decipher.

“There will always be people who want to come and say please give me the spirulina, garlic extract, but it is a slow process, just to remember that it is a pathology that is observed 10 or 15 years after it began to occur,” Adds.

He says that at this time spirulina is already a food supplement and will not do any harm to anyone who consumes it.

Although in terms of research, he mentions, the use of this plant in the analysis on Parkinson’s, will lay the basis for detecting the route that allows to reach an effective treatment against this evil.

Constant tremors

Parkinson’s disease is a progressive disease

– Causes motor affections that result in difficulty when getting up, trembling at rest and gear type gear

– Cause the death of ‘dopaminergic neurons’

– It generates a high incapacity of the patients.

– Existing drugs help control the condition, not eliminate it.

– It manifests itself after 60 years.

Rodents with scientific value

To advance the study for the treatment of Parkinson’s disease, the BUAP research team followed this strategy:

1.- They used 10 rats of the Wistar strain as experimental models. Each weighed between 200 and 250 grams. The research protocol was evaluated by the Ethics Committee for the Use of Laboratory Animals of the Faculty of Chemical Sciences of BUAP.

2.- Daily administration of 60 to 30 mg spirulina extract per kilo of rodent was administered daily 60 days prior to the start of the test. A cannula carried the substance from the snout of the rat to its stomach directly.

  1. To cause dopaminergic damage, similar to that triggered by Parkinson’s in humans, 8 micrograms per microliter of the toxin 6-hydroxydopamine was administered to the motor areas of the brain.

4.- The above, through a high precision stereotactic surgery in which a probe was introduced to the previously located area.

  1. Between three and seven days later the motor damages were observed in the rodents that consumed the natural compounds and those that did not. They were given the test of the ladder, in which they go into a box to take a pill of food with two legs.

6.- The animals intoxicated with 6-hydroxydopamine 5 presented problems to hold the food.

7.- Those undergoing treatment, on the other hand, had less motor damage and more ease in holding the pill, since the harmful effects were mitigated.

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