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Organic & Vegan King Cake for Epiphany

Organic & Vegan King Cake for Epiphany

If you want an alternative king cake for this festival of Epiphany, without animal or sugar ingredients, this is a simple recipe with very good results.


-500 gr of strength flour

-250 grams of natural dates without added sugar

-Reduration of orange and lemon

-25 gr of fresh yeast

-1 glass of rice milk (oats or soy)

- Half a glass of olive oil

- Laminated almond, dried apricots or pine nuts to decorate.


1. Dilute the yeast with a little warm vegetable milk (eye that is not too hot).

2. Add 3 tablespoons of flour and let stand in a covered container for 20 '.

3. Pour the remaining flour into a large bowl and create a volcano (hole in the center)

4. Incorporate the zest of a tangerine and a lemon.

5. Pour the fermented yeast into the bowl with the flour and mix carefully with a spatula.

6. Incorporate the date butter (see recipe), the rest of the vegetable milk and the oil.

7. Stir everything well and let stand for 2 hours covered with a clean cloth or kitchen paper.

8. The dough will grow to double its volume. At this time we form a ball with all the flour and make a hole in the center to give the shape of the roscón.

9. Decorate with the almond or whatever we have chosen and bake about 35 'at 180 degrees temperature and the preheated oven.

10. E Voilà! You already have it


NOTE: You can brush the roscón with agar agar water as a substitute for the egg. Dilute a teaspoon of the seaweed in half a glass of water. Cook over low heat until the seaweed disappears and use warm.