Grapefruit, why should you eat before you sleep? - Green Food
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Grapefruit, why should you eat before you sleep?

Grapefruit, why should you eat before you sleep?

Grapefruit can be a great snack before you sleep when your stomach is roaring enough to keep you awake. But not so much as to eat a full meal. Since it is so light, refreshing and low in calories. Half grapefruit can keep your hunger at bay until the morning comes. Without ruining any nutritional plan or nutritional training.


Grapefruit has one of the lowest amounts of calories per serving among fruits. According to the USDA, a grapefruit has 40 Kcal and 1g of protein, 10.5g of carbohydrates, 1.5g of fiber, 9g of sugars and no fat.

If you want you can sprinkle sugar on the grapefruit to eliminate that degree of characteristic bitterness that it has. But keep in mind that each spoonful will give you 15g of Kcal and 4g of extra sugars.



If you start to feel hungry between dinner and when you sleep, the best way to control your weight and your diet is with a low-fat snack that provides a lot of nutrients.

Like all citrus fruits, grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and also contains a healthy dose of antioxidants. In fact, according to articles in the British Medical Journal, it is pointed out that eating more fruit can reduce the risk of contracting diseases. Like diabetes, suffer heart attacks, cerebro-vascular, loss of calcium and the appearance of kidney stones. Since grapefruits are natural plants, they do not have cholesterol, fat, salt or added sugars.


Another benefit is that it has less natural sugars per serving than most fruits. So it will not give you a rise in sugar that can keep you awake.


These are the main reasons to eat this fruit before sleeping. The satiating effect it produces and its high nutritional qualities make it the perfect night-time snack.