Grapefruit seeds destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi
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Grapefruit seeds destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi

Grapefruit seeds destroy pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi

The extract of grapefruit seeds is effective to fight about 800 types of bacteria and viruses, as well as a hundred fungi and a large number of unicellular parasites. No side effects because to be toxic you would need to ingest 4,000 times the therapeutic dose.

What’s more, it is hypoallergenic (except for people allergic to fruit juices) and significantly increases the immune system’s defenses. It even preserves the bacterial flora since it eliminates the yeasts responsible for fermentation and other pathogens.

The book “The Authoritative Guide to Grapefruit Seed Extract” that a group of researchers led by Dr. Allen Sachs developed a list of criteria that the “perfect antibiotic” should meet. And after making a clinical study on grapefruit seed extract, they came to the conclusion that this product met all the criteria. A) Yes:

– “The ideal antibiotic should have as broad a spectrum of action as possible”.

Studies indicate that grapefruit seed extract acts on about 800 types of bacteria and viruses, 100 of fungi and a multitude of unicellular parasites. No other antibiotic has that capacity.

– “The ideal antibiotic should have a strong and powerful action”.

This product develops its antimicrobial activity at concentrations of 1,000 parts per million which makes it a very effective germicide.

– “The ideal antibiotic should not have any toxic or secondary effect”.

Something that has been proven in the use of this grapefruit seed extract. In fact, according to the group of American researchers, its toxicity is very unlikely since for an individual weighing 80 kilos it would be 4,000! times the therapeutic dose.

– “The ideal antibiotic should not weaken the immune system”.

The grapefruit seed extract not only does not weaken it, but also reinforces it.

– “The ideal antibiotic should not modify the useful bacterial flora”.

The discovery not only preserves the bacterial flora but also improves the intestinal flora since it makes many viruses and bacteria harmless, and eliminates the yeasts responsible for fermentation as well as other pathogens.

– “The antibiotic must be a product of natural origin”.

Criterion that is also met.

– “The ideal antibiotic should be hypoallergenic”.

Doctors who have prescribed it have not reported any allergic reaction, but patients with allergies to other products are started giving minimal and progressive doses just in case.

The conclusions of Dr. Sachs and his collaborators were that “potentially this product can prevent or heal most of the pathogenic-infectious aggressions that are both the origin and the symptom of a huge number of diseases”.