Ecologic Orange Navelina - Green Food
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Ecologic Orange Navelina

Ecologic Orange Navelina

From this November in Green Food welcome the variety of ecological orange sold more because it is the most representative early-season variety. We are talking about the organic oranges navelina .

Navelina organic orange is a variety within the group of ecological navel oranges because both share the distinction of having “navel”. This so-called navel is just another small ecological protruding orange fruit itself. However, the orange organic navelina stands for having a smaller navel because of their skin much thinner and have no seeds inside. Naranja Navelina 1 -

The origin of this variety dates back to Riverside, California (United States). Discovered in the early twentieth century, it was a spontaneous mutation of the Washington Navel orange organic . Decades later was introduced in Spain in the provincial area of ​​Valencia where he was awarded the name by which it is known today: navelina . Due to its excellent adaptation to the Mediterranean climate and because of its delicious taste, during the decade of the 70s he began to expand their cultivation in the regions of Andalusia and Murcia.

 Naranja Navelina 2 - The organic oranges Navelinas are a perfect choice both as table fruit to make juice. Their quality will be making an orange Green perfect for consumption and is why it is one of the most sold during the winter. While we cited one of its features is the exclusion of seeds in citrus; we add the soft, sweet, tasty, which contains the large amount of juice inside it has. And a very thin membrane that makes almost be diluted in the mouth. That is why it is perfect for lunch or for juice.

We recommend Green Food consumption orange organic navelina , not only for its taste and its excellent juice, if not for being organic oranges of high quality. In addition to being fast maturing variety it is the first offered in season. The format 10 kg. It is ideal for people who live alone or for 2 people with moderate consumption of organic oranges as well as being easy to store and move. Contact our Department. Commercial and start enjoying the best season of organic orange navelina and remember …