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5 Apps to Change to a Healthy LifeStyle

5 Apps to Change to a Healthy LifeStyle

Who said that switching to a Healthy Lifestyle was easy ?. Everyone starts with the essentials: diet and exercise. But everything does not stop there because in many cases it is difficult to find the necessary motivation and the tools that help us to achieve that change.

However … you know what is not so difficult to do to achieve?. Use your Smartphone. Use technology to develop better habits: from managing your time to relaxation and sleep through your diet and exercise routine. Use your fingertips to apply several serious positive changes in your day to day with the help of these 5 applications for iOS.

  1. 30/30 Timer App

Who is it for? The task-oriented. People who work from home. Chronic procrastinators. People with ADHD. Workers with deadlines.

What does it do? 30/30 is an app that allows you to organise your day in 30 minute intervals. You can further customise time intervals, but its default time is a half an hour. Find your sweet spot and cater to it! You can use it to incorporate ten minute breaks during work or “plan your procrastination.” I find this app useful because I work from home which means I often fall victim to distractions. You can set up your tasks in list form and re-organise them throughout the day. It’s colour-coded and categorised, so you have a clear outline of what’s on the agenda in one place. I like the idea of intervals because I have breaks to look forward to and concrete productivity goals to reach. Above is an example of how I’m using it to plan my day today.

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2. Human App

Who is it for? People without a FitBit or activity tracker. Those who need a push to get moving. People who want to see the calories they’re burning.

What does it do? Human allows you to track all movement from running to just walking around and moving. I personally don’t wear a FitBit or activity tracker all the time, so this is a super simple interface for me to track my activity throughout the day. I have been a dedicated user for a long time, and I love having all the data in one place! It will compile how many calories you burn, motivate you to take a walk when you’ve been at rest for awhile, and you can even join clubs within the app to see what your friends are up to. It ranks you in percentile groups for each specific activity so you can see where you stand amongst all app users. Overall, it’s a straightforward and fun interface to make getting in more movement easy and attainable. You can set your personal goal to 30, 60, or 90 minutes per day and watch your streak climb.

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3. MyPaleoPal App

Who is it for? Anyone who follows a paleo diet. Aspiring food photographers. Individuals seeking community and accountability. Happy Body Formula group members.

What does it do? myPaleoPal is a photo journal for your food. Logging your food intake is one of the simplest yet most effective ways of making long-lasting healthy lifestyle changes regarding what goes on your plate. Most other apps focus on the numbers: calories, macronutrients, and weight. myPaleoPal allows you to record weight, but we place an emphasis on the quality of food. The community votes your meal compliant with your chosen plan (paleo, Whole30, AIP, etc.) so you always know if you’re on track. You can ‘like’ and ‘favourite’ meals, earn badges for milestones, and soak in all the information our users have to offer. You’ll never run out of innovative meal ideas, community support, and accountability with myPaleoPal. I use it everyday – I’m approaching two years plus, and I won’t be stopping there!

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4. Elevate App

Who is it for? Anyone who wants to sharpen their skills. People who are out of school, but still want to improve academically. Those who have trouble with fundamental reading, writing, comprehension, and math.

What does it do ?: Warning: addictive and productive. We did the initial tests and completed the three daily challenges. Daily goals take between 5-10 minutes a day, which makes this brain training feasible for almost anyone. Since we are no longer in school, it may be difficult to take advantage of cognitive skills that do not work when I am not studying or reading critically. Also to practice in mathematics, for those unmotivated to do it in their own time. Elevate manages to do these fun and fast things in the style of a game. You can set your weekly target up to 7 sessions, but the recommended one is 5. You can customize it based on skill levels and what you strive for, so you can see the improvements immediately and work your weaknesses.

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5. Sleep Bot App

Who is it for? The insomniac. The data cruncher. People who have trouble staying asleep through the night.

What does it do? SleepBot is a free app that will help you keep track of your sleep habits. While making healthy lifestyle changes, diet and exercise are at the top of the list. Next up is often sleep. I like using this app as I typically don’t have trouble falling asleep, but rather, I wake up around the same time every night. It’s helpful for me to have logs of what nights I woke up, at what time, and what nights I slept through without interruption. I can then dial in on what helps me get better rest and what leads to bad sleep quality. As you can see above, you’re able to customize the hours of sleep you aim to get, motion/sound sensitivity, and alarm settings. Bonus: it offers a “smart alarm” feature which will wake you up at an optimal time during your sleep cycle leading to less groggy mornings, even if you didn’t get quite enough sleep.

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