12 Tips for an Organic Christmas - Green Food
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12 Tips for an Organic Christmas

12 Tips for an Organic Christmas


So as we count down the final days to the Christmas we thought it was worth sharing some of our tips on how to keep organic this Christmas. As Christmas is a time of consumption, indulgence and stress its more important than ever to look after the health and wellbeing of yourself, your family and the planet.

1. Plan your shop
Save time and money by planning your Christmas food shop in advance and opting for higher-quality organic ingredients.

2. Avoid the Christmas queues
Save yourself from the stress of your big chain shopping centres and source your Christmas essentials and treats from local businesses, farm gates and farmers markets.

3. Organic your Christmas dinner
Choosing organic veg means supports sustainable agriculture. Organic farms have 50% more wildlife, support more and better farming jobs, and cause less pollution.

4. Try an organic tipple
Opt for organic wine this Christmas and not only will you be supporting a more sustainable system of farming, you’ll also be consuming less sulphur – which is rumoured to lessen the chances of a hangover!

5. Make your tree extra green
Source your tree from a small-scale sustainable grower, or plant a small tree in a large pot which you can love and enjoy year after year.

6. Opt for higher-welfare, organic meat
If you want to be sure your turkey and pork is naturally free range, choose organic or visit your local farmer.

7. Let your body breathe in organic cotton
Organic textiles are grown without the use of harmful pesticides or GMOs, promoting a healthier farm and environment.

8. Be an organic beauty
Your skin is the largest organ on your body and what you put on it can be absorbed in tiny amounts. This Christmas look naturally beautiful and choose organic beauty products.

9. Buy your gifts from local artisan producers

This Christmas support your local businesses and community by shopping from local independent artisan makers and producers. You will be putting money back into your local community, reducing your carbon footprint and give something truly unique.

10. Wrap your gifts in planet-friendly wrapping
Every year we use millions of sheets of wrapping paper – make sure yours is responsibly sourced by looking for the FSC label. Otherwise wrap your gifts with a gift by using beautiful scarves or cloth

11. Caerphilly does it with your Christmas cheese
When it comes to the all-important Christmas cheese, choose organic and put animal welfare first. No dairy cows enjoy higher welfare standards than organic cows.

12. Share this article and get the word out about going organic this Christmas!!!